The Future of Public Health National Summit Series

This Event Occurred on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 

This action-oriented summit will focus on:

    • How the public, public health, healthcare, and other sectors can use new technologies, standards and data to improve public health protection

    • Approaches for leveraging unprecedented resources to create future-forward data systems that offer real-time and actionable intelligence in service to the public’s health

    • Highlighting bright spots from the field that demonstrate how rich learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic can improve the quality, sharing and use of data for preventing chronic and infectious diseases

    • Fostering an environment where people and partners work toward open, privacy-centered, market-driven solutions

    • Assuring improvements in data lead to improvements in the health and wellness of everyone, everywhere

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Agenda for Summit 2:

(all times in EST)

11:00 AM
Welcome, Overview, Keynote Sessions

11:10 AM
Setting the Stage

11:30 AM
Panel: Shifting the System – Data as a Common Good for the Public’s Health

12:00 PM
Panel: Real-Time Data for Public Health Action – What is Actionable Intelligence?

12:30 PM
Spotlight: Actionable Intelligence from the Field

12:40 PM
Panel: How Do We Get Actionable Intelligence for Public Health?

1:10 PM
Spotlight: Spotlight: Accelerators of Actionable Data

1:20 PM
Panel: Why Does Actionable Intelligence Matter to People, Communities, Public Health and the Private Sector?

1:50 PM
Closing and Next Steps

    Summit 2 Speakers

    Judy Monroe

    Abigail Echo-Hawk

    Executive Vice President, the Seattle Indian Health Board

    Judy Monroe

    Aneesh Chopra

    President, CareJourney

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Annie Fine MD

    Chief Science and Surveillance Officer and Senior Advisor to the Data Modernization Initiative, Council for State and Territorial Epidemiologists

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Dale Sanders

    Chief Strategy Officer, Intelligent Medical Objects

    Judy Monroe

    Daniel B. Jernigan MD, MPH

    Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance, CDC

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Dylan George PhD

    Director of Operations for the Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Gail Christopher DN

    Board Chair, Trust for America’s Health

    Judy Monroe

    Jim Daniel

    Public Health Lead for State and Local Government, Amazon Web Services

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Judy Monroe MD

    President and CEO, CDC Foundation

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Karen Remley MD, MPH

    Director, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Kimberly Repp PhD, MPH

    Chief Epidemiologist, Washington County, Oregon

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Kristina Box MD

    State Health Commissioner, Indiana Department of Health

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Micky Tripathi PhD, MPP

    National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Nirav Shah MD, MPH

    Chief Medical Officer, Sharecare

    Judy Monroe

    Theresa Cullen MD

    Public Health Director, Pima County Health Department

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