The Future of Public Health National Summit Series

This Event Occurred on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 


Strengthening Public Health Law, Governance and Finance to Support a Modern System

This action-oriented summit focused on:

  • Elevating the connection between law, governance, and finance in public health at this point in history and their impact/ potential across and between the different levels of government

  • Offering tools, strategy and information to policymakers and public health officials to strengthen public health

  • Strengthening relationships throughout the field of public health across different areas of focus and levels of government

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Agenda for Summit 3:

(all times in EST)

11:00 AM
Welcome and Context for Public Health Today

11:20 AM
Panel: Visioning the Future of Public Health: Strengthening Governance and the Law

11:55 AM
Setting the Stage: Public Health Financing

12:20 PM
Financing: Panel of Possibilities

1:05 PM
Panel: Public Health and the Law — Exploring Legal Concepts and Strategies to Strengthen Public Health and Health Equity

1:40 PM
Panel: Reflections of the Day and Using Opportunities to Advance Public Health

2:00 PM
Closing and Next Steps

    Summit 3 Speakers

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Aysha Pamukcu JD

    Policy Fund Initiative Officer, The San Francisco Foundation

    Judy Monroe

    Claude Jacob MPH

    Health Director, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District

    Judy Monroe

    Jeffry Levi PhD

    Professor of Health Policy and Management, The George Washington University

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    José Montero MD, MHCDS

    Director, Center for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Wilma Wooten

    Joshua Sharfstein MD

    Professor of the Practice in Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins University

    Judy Monroe

    Judy Monroe MD

    President and CEO, CDC Foundation

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Karen Minyard PhD

    Director, Georgia Health Policy Center

    Judy Monroe

    Kaye Bender PhD, RN, FAAN

    President, American Public Health Association

    Wilma Wooten

    Kim Cutcher

    Executive Director, Local Initiatives Support Corp – Toledo

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Marissa Levine MD, MPH, FAAFP

    Professor of Public Health Practice, the University of South Florida

    Wilma Wooten

    Oxiris Barbot MD

    Senior Fellow for Public Health and Social Justice, The JPB Foundation

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Rita Carreón

    Vice President for Health, UnidosUS

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Sarah de Guia JD

    CEO, ChangeLab Solutions

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Scott Burris JD

    Professor and Director, Temple University Beasley School of Law Center for Public Health Law Research and the College of Public Health

    Wilma Wooten

    Scott Hall JD, MBA

    Senior Vice President for Civic and Community Initiatives, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

    Wilma Wooten

    Seamus McCarthy PhD

    President and CEO, Yamhill Community Care

    Lisa Macon Harrison

    Stacy Bohlen

    CEO, the National Indian Health Board

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    The Pew Charitable Trusts

    The Pew Charitable Trusts

    Partners are supporting the Lights, Camera, Action Summit Series and helping to catalyze activities needed to propel positive action, rebuild confidence, foster health equity and transform our nation’s public health system. Others interested in supporting this mission should contact the CDC Foundation at

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